Merging Forces Concert

The Merging Forces Concert was founded by Amy Blake in 2006. It was developed to bring a variety of different studio and dance companies together to develop a working relationship and to educate and train young dancers in the awareness of a pre-professional dance concert.

Assisting Charitable Organizations

Merging ForcesDuring the 2009-2010 Season, Merging Forces became an avenue to raise money and assist charitable organizations by providing a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization’s cause. Past organizations who were recipients include: Juvenile Diabetes (2009-2010); Laura Recovery Center (2010-2011); American Cancer Society (2011-2012); and Multiple Sclerosis (2012-2013)

Future Performances

Future Merging Forces performances will continue to strive to become an avenue for future fundraising and to also create a professional atmosphere for young dancers to perform.