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Our dance program is designed to train students to become well rounded in all forms of dance. Students are guided from the Preschool Program into longer and separate Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes. By age 9 or 10, students may move into a two-day per week program with Ballet and Tap on one day and Ballet and Jazz on another day. As students progress, they will study more styles of dance and become more proficient. We also welcome students who prefer to take only one class per week as one of many activities in their schedule.  Adult classes are offered for beginner or intermediate students. Adults are able to pre-pay for a series of classes via a class punch card, to be used throughout the year at their convenience.

Our Academy offers a graduated program for all age students. Students must be at least three years of age to be enrolled at Amy Blake’s Academy of Dance. Students from the age of three to six enjoy our Combination Classes which combine ballet & tap. Six year old students progress to Level I classes in Ballet/Tap combination, Jazz and Hip Hop. Amy Blake’s Academy’s main graded program begins with students eight years old and up who are placed in Levels II through VII.

Age and ability both play an important role in choosing the right class for your child. A child’s first class will determine his placement. Students progress into the next level after careful assessment by the teacher and director. This means that a student may stay in a level from one to three years, depending on their progress. This is a normal amount of time to stay in any given level and is not a sign of failure, but one of individual growth. A.B.A.D. is dedicated to each child and will challenge them as they are ready.

At the end of each year a recommendation form will be handed out with brief comments regarding your child’s progress. However, Ms. Blake is available to meet with any parent or student, by appointment, to discuss any concerns or issues, or for a student progress update any time throughout the year.