Combination Ballet and Tap Classes (Combination 3 & Ballet/Tap 1)

Students Age 5-7 by August 1st

At this level, the class structure is different from the pre-school program in that more time is spent on technique and discipline while maintaining an enjoyable dance experience. Only one subject (ballet or tap), as determined by the instructor, will be performed at the end of year recital.

Dress Code

CombinationAny solid black tank leotard (no embellishments or attached skirts on leotards). Bloch Pink footed tights (no undergarments are to be worn under tights), pink Bloch leather ballet slippers and tan tap shoes. Please make sure elastic is sewn on tap shoes so it is easy for child to slip on. A dance bag is recommended for students to carry into class. NO Jewelry or skirts during class (skirts may be worn as a cover up to and from the studio). All items are to be labeled with child’s name. Hair in a Bun, No ponytails. Very short hair should be pulled back with a headband.