Ballet Conditioning and Injury Prevention

  • DSC 0895 584x389 Ballet Conditioning and Injury Prevention
  • DSC 0892 584x389 Ballet Conditioning and Injury Prevention
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Intermediate to Advanced Students (Ballet Level IV-VII)

Students already enrolled at A.B.A.D. in Ballet levels IV-VII are able to enroll in this class. This class helps all dancers to become stronger in their core as well as throughout their bodies. The class begins with strengthening the feet, ankles, calves, thighs, and hip flexers. Bands for resistance are used to help intensify the muscle capacity to therefore strengthen the dancer. A variety of techniques including the ballet barre, floor barre, and center barre are used throughout the year. This is a great overall conditioning class for a dancer who is getting ready for pointe work or just wants to gain overall body placement and strength.

Dress Code

  • Any style solid black leotard (no embellishments or attached skirts on leotards). Footed Body Wrappers theatrical pink tights, (no undergarments are to be worn under tights). All tights must cover the whole foot – no tights rolled up to calf. NO “Bootie” shorts over leotard.
  • Levels IV: Pink Bloch leather ballet slippers,
  • Level V-VII: Pink Bloch elastic canvas ballet slippers.
  • NO jewelry. Hair must be in a Bun – No ponytails. Headband is recommended.