2019 Recital Information

All recital-related information can be found on this post.  Please bookmark this page for easy reference.

The files listed toward the top of the page are letters/forms/lists that contain information for everyone in every class – an explanation of each file is given next to the filename.  Class-specific information can be found at the end of this post.

2019 ABAD Recital Procedures – This is an informational letter from Amy regarding our upcoming June 22 recital.

2019 CPH Dress Rehearsal – This gives the rehearsal order for each of the 3 shows, as well as dressing room, arrival time and on-stage rehearsal time for each class or company dance.

AdOrderForm2019 – This is the order form for purchasing an ad in our recital program.  Past programs are available at the studio for you to see examples of ad sizes/layouts/etc.  Please note, the due/past due date for ad information designed by KrispGraphix is May 25, 2019 if you are submitting photos/text for KrispGraphix to design your ad, and May 31, 2019 if you are creating your own ad.

2019 In Studio Dress Rehearsal Week – This is an explanation of what goes on during In-Studio Dress Rehearsal week (May 6-10) and lists when/if classes have a parent meeting and/or dress rehearsal.  Please be aware that some classes will have their in-studio dress rehearsal at a different time or in a different studio.

2019 Picture Week Schedule – Picture week is the week of May 13-17.  This file is in calendar format to show when each class will have their recital group and individual pictures taken.  Classes in bold indicate that the day and/or time is different from their regularly scheduled day/time.  If your class is not listed that means you will not be meeting during this week (exception: all Saturday classes/rehearsals will meet as usual).  Normal class schedules will resume the week of May 20th.  (Updated: 05-03-19)

2019 Four Cameras Info – Informational sheet about our new recital photographer this year.

2019_DVD_OrderForm – Once again, Gotham Arts HD will be recording our performances.  If you would like to have a lasting memory of your child’s performance, you may purchase one of their DVDs or Blu-Rays using this order form.  Bring the order form, along with your payment, to your child’s performance on June 22nd and hand it to the Gotham Arts HD representative in the lobby.  Or, if easier, hand it in to us at the studio and we will pass it on to the Gotham Arts representatives.  Please note – payment must be made directly to Gotham Arts (i.e., we cannot run your payment to Gotham Arts to your card on file).

Ticket sales will once again be handled online by TuTuTix.  All families will receive a unique access code that will allow the purchase of up to 6 tickets (4 free + 2 purchased) per show in which your child is performing during our pre-sale period of May 23rd – June 8th.  Ticket codes and instructions will be emailed a few days prior to the pre-sale period.  Ticket sales are open to the public beginning June 9th, at which time there will be no more limits on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

Class-specific information:  Click on your child’s class below to open a file containing information about their costume, make-up, shoes and tights needed, as well as information for that class’ in-studio dress rehearsal, pictures, UH Cullen Performance Hall rehearsal and recital show (and dressing room assignments).


4:00 Ballet II A (Ms. Nicole) 4:00 Ballet II B (Ms. Amy)
4:45 Jazz II (Ms. Nicole) 4:45 Ballet III A/III B (Ms. Judith)
5:00 Combo III (Ms. Jinaquin) 5:30 Ballet V (Ms. Judith)
5:45 Tap II (Ms. Jinaquin) 6:45 Tap III B (Ms. Nicole)
7:30 Contemporary Int/Adv (Mr. Dorrell) 7:30 Hip Hop Int/Adv (Ms. T’Noya)
8:30 Contemporary Adv (Mr. Dorrell) 8:30 Hip Hop Adv (Ms. T’Noya)


4:15 Tap III A (Ms. Caitlin) 5:00 Tap IV B (Ms. Caitlin)
5:00 Beg/Int Contemp/Lyr (Ms. Jinaquin) 5:00 Ballet II B (Ms. Brittany)
5:45 Tap IV A / Tap V (Ms. Caitlin) 5:45 Ballet/Tap I (Ms. Jinaquin)
5:45 Ballet II A (Ms. Judith) 6:30 Ballet IV (Ms. Judith)
6:30 Jazz I (Ms. Jinaquin) 6:30 Tap Int/Adv (Ms. Caitlin)
7:30 Ballet VII (Ms. Judith)


4:00 Beg/Int Musical Theater (Ms. Nicole) 4:15 Ballet II B (Ms. Brittany)
4:00 Combo III (Ms. Amy) 5:00 Jazz II (Ms. Nicole)
5:45 Jazz IV A (Ms. Nicole) 6:00 Combo II (Ms. Brittany)
6:45 Jazz VI (Mr. Keith) 6:45 Jazz V (Ms. Nicole)
7:45 Modern I (Mr. Keith) 7:45 Jazz Adv (Ms. Nicole)
7:45 Ballet III/IV (Mr. John) 8:30 Jazz VI (Ms. Nicole)
8:45 Modern II (Mr. Keith)


4:15 Jazz III (Mr. Joseph) 4:15 Jazz I (Ms. Jinaquin)
5:00 Ballet III A (Ms. Judith) 5:00 Ballet/Tap I (Ms. Jinaquin)
5:00 Combo I (Ms. Amy) 5:45 Int Contemporary/Lyrical (Mr. Joseph)
6:00 Combo III (Ms. Jinaquin) 6:30 Int/Adv Musical Theater (Mr. Joseph)
7:00 Ballet III B (Mr. John) 7:45 Ballet VI (Ms. Judith)


10:45 Combo I/II (Ms. Amy) 4:15 Hip Hop Beg/Int (Mr. Joseph)
4:30 Jazz IV B (Ms. Nicole) 5:15 Hip Hop Int (Mr. Joseph)
6:00 Jazz III (Mr. Joseph) 6:45 Performing Group (Ms. Brittany)


Castenettas Classical Symphony
The Seasons Waltz


Fire Ice
My New Philosophy Valentine
Bloom Fabulous
Havana Finding Wonderland
Wallflower Stand By Me
Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens Big Band
Battle Field Go!